With expert workman and vast experience in concrete floor slabs, we believe in doing work quickly and efficiently. These slabs give good thermal comfort as well as lifestyle advantages. These slabs can be on-ground, suspended or mix of a both..

Slab On-Ground

Slab on-ground is most common and benefited from slab edge insulation. There are two variants: Conventional Slabs and Waffle Pod Slabs.

Suspended Slab

Suspended Slabs are formed and poured in situ, with either removable or permanent formwork.

Precast Slab (Mix of both)

Precast slabs are generally manufactured offsite, with the help of crane, it gets placed either in finished form or partial finished to put additional concrete on top to fix this slab.

Benefits Concrete Slabs

These slabs give Thermal comfort, means it is useful in most climates like in winter slabs absorbs heat from the sun to radiate for many hours afterwards to maintain temperature. In summer, slab must be protected from direct sunlight and exposed to cooling night breezes and night sky radiation so that heat collected during day can dissipate.


This slab ensure longevity, if designed and placed correctly.